Quiz on "Monumental" The Movie

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Oppressed by the ruling government, the Puritans met in secrecy to practice what? their faith What was the punishment for worshipping and studying God's Word during this era? imprisonment and/or death Our forefathers understood that the stability of a nation depends on what? its morality The Pilgrims and Founding Fathers recognized the magnitude of moral living based on what? a heart transformed by God When the decision was made to settle permanently in New England rather than south in Virginia City, what did they draft? The Mayflower Compact What biblical principles did our forefathers use when setting up the law of the land? 10 Commandments Pastor John Robinson taught the Pilgrims using stories in what? The Old Testament of the Bible Educating the next generation is the responsibility of who? parents and grandparents What are reminders to all generations of important truths? monuments On the sculpture of Liberty Man there is a claw and a slain lion. What did it depict? the tyranny of King James

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13 October 2013

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