Religious Studies - Q&A Worksheet No. 1

Q & A Worksheet

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This is a 30 question quiz to test your Catholic faith knowledge for Religious Studies. Write the correct description and meaning next to each of these key words.

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Jesus God incarnate, fully human and fully divine, the Christ - Annointed Messiah Apostles The 12 chosen followers of Jesus who were called to spread the gospel Saints Holy men and women who are with God in heaven Angels The messengers and servants of God Heaven The state of being with God, the angels, saints and souls Hell The state of isolation and loneliness from God Purgatory The state of purification and waiting before going to heaven Clergy The priests, bishops, archbishops and Pope. Catholic Means universal Pope The Supreme Pontiff and Head of the Catholic Church Magisterium The teaching authority of the Catholic Church Trinity God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Bible The inspired word of God made up of the Old and New Testamemt Sacraments There are 7 of these efficacious signs of God's grace Baptism The first sacrament of initiation into the Church Eucharist The sacrament of communion Reconciliation The sacrament of forgiveness and atonement or one's sins. Confirmation The sacrament to affirm ones faith through the gifts of the Holy Spirit Holy Orders The sacrament of the priesthood. Marriage The sacrament of holy matrimony that unites a man and a woman Tradition The inherited and established wisdom of the Church Scripture The sacred text of a religion Prayer A way of communicating with God Rosary A form of devotional prayer using beads Catechism The summary of the doctrines and teachings of the Church Theology The study of God Mark The first gospel that was written Greek The New Testament was written in this language Aramaic The language spoken by Jesus Peter Betrayed Jesus three times. Aka as Cephas meaning the rock.

The following additional are for you to continue your answers to explain the above key words.

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