Science: Chapter 11 Review

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What is the name for a zoologist who studies insects? entomologists What is a process of change in form? metamorphosis What is a bug? an insect with piercing-sucking mouthparts which it uses to suck sap from plants and body fluids from animals What term is used to describe meat eating animals? carnivorous Which ants form long trains of up to 500,000 members? army ants Which member of the order Thysanura often chews up books and clothing to obtain starch? silverfish Define crop rotation. planting a field with one crop during one year and a different crop the next year. What diseases are sometimes saused by ticks and chiggers? (4 types- list each disease and the tick or chigger that causes it.) Rocky Mountain spotted fever-wood tick; Lyme disease - deer tick; Texas fever - cattle tick; dermatitis - chigger Compare and contrast the centipede with the millipede. Your answer should include 2 things that is different; 2 things they both have; and 1 thing that neither are. use teachers edition

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1 May 2017

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