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Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction Book: Three Moons

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Page 3 Look at the picture. How can you tell Tava and her dad are from another planet? Tava and Dad have skin color, eyes, and the object that the dad is holding. Page 4 TO 7 What is wrong with Tava's planet? The planet has lost its sun and the planet is dying. Pages 8 and 9 What must Tava do? Tava must find a sun and food and she must save her people. Pages 10 and 11 Point to the star map. What will it do? The star points Tava to a sun. Pages 12 and 13 How will Tava find a new sun? Tava will fly into space on the spaceship. Pages 14 and 15 Do you think Tava's dad is happy to send Tava off? Why (yes) or Why not (no)? No, dad seems to be worried. He warns her that she may not make it. Page 16 and 17 Who is Tinto? Tava's brother is Tinto. Page 16 and 17 What do you think Tava's dad means what he says, "The moons say so"? Something happened with the way the moons lined up or lit up to show Tava is the one to go Page 18 and 19 What do you think the dad means when he says, "You hear the dark"? It means Tinto is listening to fear or anger, not smart. Page 20 to 23 What does Tinto ask Tava to do? Tinto asks Tava to play a game to see who will go.

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8 November 2017

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