Trout Body Part Review

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Please use your science notebook to locate the correct body part for the trout. Some are used more than once.

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What do trout use to eat their food? mouth What part of the body is only on male trout and is used in battles to win a mate? kype What helps a trout to detect odors or smells of food to catch? nare What is the name of the fine on top of the fish that helps with stabilization? dorsal fin What fins help with up and down movement? pelvic fins What fins help with side to side movement? pectoral fins What is the biggest fin that acts as a rudder? caudal fin What provides the sight to the trout? eyes What is the sense organ of the trout? lateral line What helps the fish to be able to breathe? gills What body part protects the gills? operculum What is the hooked lower jaw called? kype What body part senses vibration of the water? lateral line What body part is a fin without rays that helps with stabilization? adipose fin What body part act as "brake" for the fish? pectoral fins

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10 December 2014

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Trout Body Parts Vocabulary Review

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