U.S. Inventions and Inventors

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Fill in the blanks with the information from pages 18-19.

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What did Samuel Morse invent? The telegraph When was the polio vaccine developed? 1955 Who flew the first airplane? Orville and Wilbur Wright What did Vladimir Zworykin invent? The television Who invented the phonograph? Thomas Edison When did Josephine Cochrane invent the dishwasher? 1886 What did Igor Sikorsky build? The helicopter What did Alexander Graham Bell invent in 1876? The telephone Who invented bifocal lenses for eyeglasses? Benjamin Franklin Who invent the first automobile? Charles and J. Frank Duryea When did Percy Spencer invent the microwave oven? 1945 What did Chester Carlson invent? The Xerox machine Who produced the first Kodak camera? George Eastman What did Patricia Bath invent? Laser for Cataracts Who invented the sewing machine? Isaac Singer

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All About the USA 1 Unit 3

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Thank you for making the lives of your fellow teachers a lot more helpful!

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Thank you for commenting. I use the program a lot and always share.

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