Unit 2 The Zoo- Questions and answers

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Read the questions. Answer them, then ask a friend the same questions. example:  Hello, what's your name? My name's Stacy

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Hello, what's your name? How are you today? How old are you? What's your favourite number? What's your favourite colour? What's your favourite shape? What's your favourite food? What's his favourite food? Do you like peas and carrots? Does Monica the monkey like chocolates? Whats your favourite toy? Do you like dolls and robots? What's her favourite toy? Does she like snakes? What's your favourite animal? What's Teacher Lee's favourite animal? Do you like zebras, bears and monkeys? What other animals do you like? What animals don't you like? What are you wearing? What is she wearing? How's the weather today? What's your favourite movie?

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5 September 2018

teacherlee Author Country Flag Vietnam

Primary 2 - Questions and answers (sentence structure check)

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