Wonders 5 Unit 2 Week 4 Personification

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Read the Following Sentences then Write the word(s) that show(s) Personification

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The tired, overworked desk sighed as I sat down to work. Tired, overworking, signed The child’s stare begged me for ice cream, even though I'd already said no. Begged The cozy hammock on the tropical beach spoke enticingly to him. Spoke The sun-kissed strawberries in the market were calling my name. Kissed, calling More birds joined the chorus, turning the sparrow’s solo into an ensemble performance. Joined, ensemble My alarm yelled at me this morning, demanding that I wake up. Yelled, demanding I like onions, but they don’t like me—they avoid my meals. Don't like, avoid The sign on the door insulted my intelligence by pointing out the obvious. Insulted, pointing out My phone seemed uncooperative, refusing to respond to my touch. Uncooperative, refusing The storm clouds gathered ominously, as if plotting their next move. Gathered, plotting The waves danced on the surface of the water, sparkling in the sunlight. Danced The old tree whispered secrets to the wind, sharing stories of centuries past. Whispered, sharing The stubborn lock on the gate resisted my attempts to open it. Stubborn, resisted The stubborn stain on the carpet clung to its spot despite my best efforts. Stubborn

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1 June 2024

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