Adverbs of Degree

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Put the words in order to form an affirmative sentence. Make sure to put the adverb of degree in the correct place!

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The temperature was barely above freezing We felt incredibly lucky after winning tickets to the World Cup If you will let me come, I would like to go swimming too She doesn't quite know what she'll do after graduation They are completely exhausted from the trip He hardly noticed what she was saying This chocolate cake is absolutely wonderful My teacher is terribly grumpy today The extremely slow traffic is making me late for class I could hardly hear the music on my earphones I completely agree with you The government is definitely more controlling I got here early enough to register for the class The Olympic gymnast tumbled extremely well My son usually eats kind of fast She speaks English pretty well The student was kind of confused about the lesson The sprinter ran so fast that he won the race

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24 May 2016

gringa999 Author Country Flag United States of America

Adverbs of Degree

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