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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Unscramble the following sentences. One word should be on each line. Don't forget to write the commas!

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For breakfast, I had cereal, juice, and toast. My best friends are Paul, Amanda, and Quinn. The moon, the stars, and the sun all appear in the sky. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and go to bed. We read books, played games, and went outside to swing. For homework, I have to read this book, do 30 math problems, and make a collage. Spaghetti, pizza, and hotdogs are my brother's favorite foods. On the table, I saw a pair of scissors, tape, a ruler, and some paper. Mrs. Smith, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Peterson, and Mr. Lance are the four teachers on this hallway. We had coffee, cheese and crackers, and grapes.d

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23 April 2017

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