COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONS - Scrambled Sentences

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Put a CAPITAL letter at the beginning of every sentence.  (example:  W) Put a PERIOD ( . )  or a QUESTION MARK ( ? ) at the end of every sentence ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ex. #1:    your  what's ?  name       ANSWER:  What's your name?  [QUESTION] ex, #2:     is  Don  .  name   my      ANSWER: My name is Don.    [STATEMENT] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A: What does "statement" mean? B: It means a sentence that is NOT a question. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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do you have a fever ? yes , I do . no, I don't . do you have a headache ? do you feel sick ? is anyone in your family sick ? yes , they are . no, they aren't. have you travelled outside of Canada recently ? yes , I have . no, I haven't . did you have a COVID-19 test recently ? yes, I did . no, I didn't . Have you been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 recently? have you had two COVID-19 shots ? have you had two COVID-19 doses ? what's your favourite color ?

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2 December 2021

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