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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Will you enforce all the students to listen to their teacher. Your nose is a part of your face, but is also its own entity. There was an internal job to be done. Don't always presume that Diane is always right in class. Please resolve the problem that you have with your friend. Some one was singing the "Carmagnole" in drunken, discordant tones. The United States is a pluralistic society. When we call a dog a mutt it is because it is of mongrel breeds. Everyone in this world is a disparate individual which is being different. The blanket is made of interwoven materials. The restaurant has a diverse menu that includes entrees from all over the world. Sadly, the rich children ostracize the other girl because she comes from a poor family. Trying to solve this conundrum is really making my head hurt. Nelson Mandela helped to end Apartheid, which was racial discrimination in South Africa.

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30 August 2018

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