Independent clauses - past tense - time markers

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Putting the time marker first, unscramble the independent clause sentences.

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Today I caught the bus to work. Yesterday I walked to the shop. Last night I watched a movie on television. Last year I had a big birthday party. Yesterday I went shopping. When I was shopping I bought a new handbag. After that I looked in the men's department. While I was there I bought my husband a shirt. When I got home I made dinner for the family. Every night I make dinner for my family. Last weekend we went to Harbour Town. Last night my family and I watched television. Eventually the children were very tired. Last Friday night we walked into the city. Last week my friend flew to Sydney for the weekend.

Write 5 independent clauses beginning with a time marker

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4 August 2014

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Past tense independent clauses beginning with time markers

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