Magic Adventures 1-3 sentence scramble P8~

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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The book shop is this way. It isn't far. Oh no! They can't see me with Olivia! What are you doing, Jack? Why are we in here? What's going on? Let's get some ice cream. It's so good. Thank you for the ice cream. I like ice cream. Not again! We need to run! Let's go this way! But the bookshop is that way. This is the way! It is far away now. You have so many books. Can you read them all? Yes. I like to read. It's fun. Can I help you? Thank you. You are a good friend. You are bad, Jack. I'm mad. I'm sorry. I am bad. I can't be nice to you. Those boys will be angry. I'm scared. Oh I see. Those bad boys? I'm not scared. You are brave. I like you. I like you too. Let's be friends.

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3 October 2019

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