Mar. 15, 2023 SCRAMBLED SENTENCES - Get Ready for a WRITING TASK

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Put a CAPITAL letter at the beginning of every sentence. (example: W)Put a PERIOD ( . ) or a QUESTION MARK ( ? ) at the end of every sentence-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ex. #1: your what's ? name ANSWER: What's your name? [QUESTION]ex. #2: is Don . name my ANSWER: My name is Don. [STATEMENT]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A: What does "statement" mean?B: It means a sentence that is NOT a question.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are sentences for a message or an e-mail to a classmate.  (= someone in your English class)

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how are you ? how's your family . my family is well . what did you do on the weekend ? did you enjoy the nice weather on the weekend ? did you do anything fun recently ? I went for a walk with my family . I went shopping on Saturday . I stayed at home . I didn't do anything special . did you do anything special on the weekend ? I hope you are well . what's new with you ? do you like your English class ? hi , Anna . what do you do to practise English outside of class ? I speak English with my friends and my neighbors . what should I do to improve my English ? do you do Don's online homework ? I always do Don's online homework . Recently I didn't do it because I was very busy . have a great day . take care . see you soon . good bye . What do you want to do in the future ? I want to get Canadian citizenship . I want to find a good job . do you have a job ? are you looking for a job ? what kind of job do you want ? I want to be a cashier in a store . what will you do next year ? I will move to a bigger apartment . I hope that spring will come soon . I'm waiting for spring . when do you think spring will start? I like spring more than winter . how about you ? what do you think ?

Write sentences with SOME of the words from #1 to #20. (ex. I speak English with my family sometimes.)

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