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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Directions:  Unscramble the sentences.

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Use a medical interpreter at an appointment. Use an exercise routine. Used health care facilities and services. Plan healthy meals for you_and_or family. Applied for health insurance your child(ren). Did your taxes. Completed a personal or family budget. Requested or reviewed credit scores. Applied for credit or loan application. Attended a financial_literacy workshop. Opened or used an e-mail account . Sent text message(s) in English. Used the bus system (CDTA). Attended a computer class. Referred family or friend to a GED or ESL. class. Used technology in classroom. Got your driver’s permit_/_license please circle 1 Read to children. Cook and bake from recipes. Attended parenting class. Participated in Race to 10,000.

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18 December 2017

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

Monthly Outcomes

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