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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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The man is running for the bus. The cat is chasing the dog. The little boy is eating an icecream. The icecream is melting. There is a traffic jam. The woman is talking on her phone. There is a house for sale. A woman is waiting at the bus stop. There is rubbish in the gutter The cyclist is riding slowly. There are some bananas in the shop. A bird is sitting on the light pole. The boy's shoelaces are untied. Two women are talking. There are six people on the bus.

Look at your picture and write 5 independent clauses.

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31 March 2012

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Practice independent clauses in present continuous. I have a picture to go with this worksheet, but it is still useful practice without the picture. See also Picture Past Tense to compare the tenses.

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