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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Date Shared: 18 June 2014

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סדר את המשפטים בסדר הנכון אל תשכח להוסיף am/is/are לפועל וכן להוסיף ING לפי כללי הדקדוק

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Danny sit on the chair now. The cat sleep under the bed now. We learn English now. They eat cake now. She watch television now. He play football now. Rotem and Daniel shop at the mall now. My brother and I jump on the bed now. The kids go to school now. Mother cook dinner now. The teacher teach math now. My brother fix the computer now. The small cat drink milk now. I eat large pizza right now He write a letter now.

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18 June 2014

sharonpl Author Country Flag Israel

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