Shopping: exchange, refund, on sale

Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Change the words around to make good sentences 

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I want to return this scarf because it's too small. I want to return these jeans because they're too big. The sofa was $999.00 but now it's $799.00. The boots were $65.99 but now they're $41.50. I want to return this because there's a hole. I want to return this because there's a stain. I want to return this because a button is missing. I want to return these because the zipper is broken. I want to exchange this shirt for a different colour. I want to exchange these pants for a different size. It's too heavy. Do you have anything lighter? They're too small. Do you have anything larger? It's too expensive. Do you have anything cheaper?

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8 December 2020

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Adult ESL: shopping and returning things, using comparatives

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