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Sentence Scramble Worksheet

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Twenty people are in the picture. Three children are in the picture. A girl is buying an icecream There are three trees in the picture. The artist is wearing a hat. There are nine chairs at the tables. There are three tables in the picture. The waitress has a menu in her hand There is a horse and a dog in the picture. Three people are sitting at the tables. There is one person in the car. One person is riding a horse in the park. The shopkeeper sells icecream. Two boys are fighting in the picture. The old lady is walking across the road. There is a plane in the sky. The person buying an icecream is wearing shorts. I can see two car tyres in the picture. The policeman is talking to the man in the car. The waitress has dark hair.

Write some new sentences using the picture

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6 August 2015

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

simple sentenc structure practice

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