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My friends and I decided to take the trolley to the new restaurant in downtown Atlanta. The crop-dusting airplane flew dangerously close to the overhead powerlines. When Billy was hired to play on the Chicago White Stockings team, he hadn't seen his family for five years. Our hairstylist, Claire, put a special product in my hair that made it smooth and sleek,with no curls in sight. Because we wanted to surprise our family, we waited until Christmas day to proclaim that we were expecting a baby. The family of the deceased man slowly followed the hearse to the graveyard. The swish, swish, swish sound of the wipers against the windshield lulled the baby to sleep quickly. Suzanne was the most popular person in school, so she was sure to be crowned homecoming queen at tonight's football game. My nephew will be a high school senior this year and is looking forward to attending college in August of 2021. The crowd stood, placed their right hand over their hearts, and proudly sang the national anthem. Having a brother playing in the local hockey league means I get season tickets to every home game. Our championship pennant from the 2019 - 2020 baseball playoffs is displayed in the trophy case in the athletic hallway of the high school. President Lincoln sent an urgent telegram to the Generals of the Civil War detailing his upcoming visit to the battlefields. I am confident Camille's excellent typing skills will be an asset to the secretarial team. The hotel offered a variety of cereals on the breakfast bar, so choosing just one was difficult. Donita asked the cab driver to load her baggage into the trunk of the car. Aunt Julia surprised me with a new monogrammed canvas beach bag for my birthday. Scientists have proven that tobacco use can cause cancer. Atlanta will be hosting an international food show which will include vendors from England, Spain, and South America. Results from the survey show students from Thomasville Christian School favored pepperoni pizza over hot dogs for the end of the year party.

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6 December 2020

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