The Chinese Civil War

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Put the events of The Chinese Civil War into chronological order.

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China is seen as a backward country. Wuchan uprising overthrows the Qin dynasty. Yuan Shikei becomes president, then emperor, of the Chinese republic. China breaks up into areas contolled by warlords. Sun Yat Sen sets up new republic based in the south of China. Sun Yat Sen dies and Chiang Kai Shek takes control of the GMD. The GMD launches the Northern Expedition to control the rest of China. Chiang Kai Shek turns on the CCP during the White Terror. Japan invades China after the Marco Polo Bridge incident. The CCP marches to the north of China to escape defeat by the GMD. Mao takes control of the CCP and organises a united front with the GMD against Japan. Japan is defeated in WW2 and the civil war starts again. The GMD launches campaigns into Manchuria but is defeated by the CCP The CCP takes major GMD cities and the the GMD retires to Taiwan.

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20 May 2020

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