The History of the World

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The First Humans - The Stone Age Weapons & Tools in cut stone - hunting Discovery of Fire Cave paintings First Villages & Agriculture Dolmens Invention of the Wheel Handwriting Egypt: Pyramids Mask of the Pharaoh Growing of cereals Moses & the Crossing of the Red Sea The Trojan Horse The Olympic Games Greek Mythology The Alexandria Lighthouse Romulus and Remus Roman Legions Gladiators Birth of Jesus Jesus walks on water Crucifiction Vesuvius & Pompeii Invasion of the Barbarians Byzantine Empire The Viking Invasions The Feudal System Knights & Castles Christian Monasteries The Birth of Islam Mohammed The Crusades The 100 Year War & Joan of Arc The Chinese Civilisation The Samurai in Japan The Maya, Inca & Aztec civilisations Christopher Columbus & The New World The Reformation & Martin Luther The Renaissance The Moghul Empire Elizabeth the 1st Louis the 14th Catherine the 2nd Colonial Rivalries & the Triangular Trade The Age of Reason: Voltaire, Diderot & Newton The American War of Independence The French Revolution The Napoleonic Wars The American West The Industrial Revolution The Titanic The First World War The Russian Revolution The Roaring Twenties The Second World War The Chinese Revolution & Mao The Cold War Nuclear Power The European Union The Fall of the Berlin Wall The Conquest of Space The Internet

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23 November 2020

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