Week 21

Spelling Test Worksheet

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anti________    vac________        chrono________ multi___________        tri______________     hydro___________      phobia_______________ aud______astro________             ped__________    mech_____________  geo________   dem____________    bio_______   ology___________  bene_____________    tract____________ ject__________ phys_________    fract___________   scrib____________   spec_________________micro_________  uni________ thermo________         omni______________  tele____________       ann______________  mis__________  poly_________    struct__________      ous_____________ CIRCLE the  correct answer and WRITE  the correct spelling on blank.

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construction destruction nervous miraculous mischievous instructor structure ridiculous instruct disastrous

Write FOUR (4 ) complete sentences using 4 words from above:

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28 January 2021

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