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Hi. the following words are all adjectives. Adjectives are words which describe the nouns. For example: a brave girl; a kind boy In English the adjective precedes the noun. שלום, כל המילים הבאות הן תוארי שם תוארי שם מתארים שמות עצם לדוגמה: ילדה אמיצה: ילד טוב לב באנגלית תואר שם בא לפני שם עצם..

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young new important fast dirty famous old beautiful clean special round warm strong brave easy sweet ugly kind cool poor tired rich hard funny

Write a phrase with each of the adjectives. For example: a clean kitchen ; a dirty table. כתבו צירוף מילים אחד עם כל תואר שם.

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24 September 2015

liisa77 Author Country Flag Israel

I'm Liisa from an Israeli development town in the middle of the Negev desert. English is hard both for Hebrew and Arabic speaking children as well as adults in Israel. I teach adults on a university level and the hardship is still visible even there.
My hometown doesn't attract ambitious English teachers and sometimes I find our school children - my 11-year old daughter among them - lagging behind the level of more privileged children in other parts of the country.
As we are soon celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles I decided to put my days off in a creative use with this great site and get to the basics: parts of speech.
This is the first worksheet introducing some common adjectives. Parents and teachers, please, model right pronunciation and emphasize that language is not just words. Words combined correctly and thoughtfully form phrases, sentences, paragraphs, stories (written or oral), books and speeches.
The amount and number of adjectives will increase in each exercise.
Have a wonderful beginning of the school year and let's meet in sharing!

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