The US System of Government


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Find the words in this word search and then write a paragraph to describe how the US Federal government is organized. 

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Executive Legislative Judicial President Congress Supreme Court Senate House Constitution Branches Separate Equal Divided States Fifty Cabinet Democrats Republicans Vice President Speaker Pentagon Washington DC White House Donald Trump Mike Pence State Defense Justice Federal Veto

Write a paragraph using words from above to describe how the US Federal government is organized.:

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25 June 2018

jbower Author Country Flag New Zealand

This worksheet was created by John Bower. Head of Faculty Social Sciences at McAuley High School, Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand, 2018. This worksheet can be used for any social studies topic on systems of government. It relates to the following Social Studies achievement objectives from the New Zealand Curriculum, Level 5: Understand how systems of government in New Zealand operate and affect people’s lives and how they compare with another system.

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