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This handout is the same as the online worksheet that I made.

[example:  "big" is the same as "large"]

Question number (#) 17 and question # 18 in THIS handout

are NOT in the ONLINE worksheet.

SOME students did the online worksheet.  Thanks very much!  -  Don


"Canada" has 6 letters.        C    a    n     a     d     a

                                            1    2     3     4     5     6

"Ca-na-da" has 3 syllables.

 1   2    3

The first (1st) syllable has BIG stress.

The second (2nd) and third (3rd) syllables have no stress.

"Ca - na - da"

  1     2     3


"ap - pli - ca - tion"  =  4 syllables

 1      2     3      4

The 1st syllable has small stress.

The 2nd syllable has no stress.

The 3rd syllable has BIG stress.

The 4th (fourth) syllable has no stress.

"ap - pli - ca - tion"  

 1      2        3       4  


When you apply for a job,

maybe you need to "fill in" or "fill out" an application form. 

[apply - VERB ;  application - NOUN]


Every syllable in a word has 1 vowel sound.   (what you HEAR)

These are the vowel letters (what you SEE): 

a , e , i , o , u     sometimes  y


This is a very good video about the "schwa" sound

in syllables with "no stress".  "no stress" = "unstressed" 

[If you tap or click on "CC" ,

you can READ the words

when you HEAR the woman say the words.]



In  "Ca - na - da",

the "a" in the first (1st) syllable has BIG stress.

It does NOT make the schwa sound.

The "a" in the second (2nd)

and third (3rd) syllables has NO stress.

It makes the schwa sound.


In our classroom at Open Door, we talked about words that have

"-tion", "-sion" or "-cian" as the LAST syllable. 

This syllable has NO stress. = It is UNstressed.

example:  ap - pli - ca - tion

This syllable sounds like "shen",

but the "e" is the schwa sound.

In a word with   -tion/-sion/-cian

as the last syllable

the BIG stress is on the syllable BEFORE

-tion/-sion/-cian .


"ap - pli - ca - tion"  

 1      2       3        4  


1. Number of Choices:

2. Wrong Choices (Distractors)

Automatic distractors may make the test too easy.   Tips to Improve

3. Questions and Answers: (Maximum: 500 sets)

The choices will appear in random order on the final worksheet, except if you enter any of the following:

  • "True" will always be the first choice.
  • "False" will always be the second choice.
  • "All of the above" will always be the last choice.


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