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Fill each gap inthe text below with the appropriate vocabulary item from the box. Adapted from http://www.allaboutstalbans.com

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The historic town of St Albans dates from 20BC. The Romans have left behind a number of items including pottery, metalwork, glassware and bone. Their beautiful mosaics were probably polished with beeswax to make the colours brighter. The Romans invented a type of central heating system called a hypocaust. Floors were built on bricks and hot air came under the floor and through the walls. The construction of St Albans Cathedral, the town's most famous landmark, began around 1077. The builders used Roman bricks and flint from the old city of Verulamium. You can see medieval wall paintings and an arched doorway from Norman times, and walk down the longest nave in England at 85 metres. Don't forget to pop into the gift shop! The 93-step clock tower is the only one left in Britain from medieval times. It was used to watch for enemies attacking the town, and its bells rang to tell people when there was danger. St Albans market runs on Wednesday and Saturday with over 160 stalls. It started around 9AD and has won many awards for its quality. Stalls sell tasty food, clothes and other items. There is also an annual Christmas market in wooden chalets outside the Cathedral. Ye Olde Fighting Cocks on Abbey Mill Lane is the oldest pub in Britain, according to The Guinness Book of Records. It's an 11th century building on an 8th century piece of land. Why not pay a visit and enjoy some real ales and local food?

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24 August 2015

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