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Australia is a very large, low, flat continent. The climate of Australia is mostly warm and dry. Australia has low rainfall. Most rain falls on the coast. The centre of Australia has much lower rainfall and much higher temperatures. The centre of Australia is called the 'Red Centre' because the dirt is reddish-brown and the climate is very hot and very dry. Australia has many rivers, but most of them only have water when it rains. So where does the water come from? There is a lot of water under the ground. To use this underground water, people drill deep holes through the rock. These holes are called bores. Across about two-thirds of Australia this is the only water people can get.

flat warm low lower higher dirt climate dry most rains water people rock bores two-thirds

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28 April 2012

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

One of a series of four cloze exercises about Australia. The text was published in Opal Crazy Workbook.

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