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I really enjoyed the holidays even though it was cold and wet. On the first day, my husband, my two dogs and I left the city and drove to the Clare Valley which is about two hours north of Adelaide. We stayed at the Clare Valley Cabins about five minutes drive north of Clare. These cabins were on a property in the countryside. On the property is an old church that has been renovated into a one bedroom cottage. Behind the church is an old grave yard. Our cabin was a self-contained unit with tea and coffee facilities. Therefore, apart from the few provisions we took with us, there was no food provided so we drove back to the supermarket in Clare to get a few eggs and some bacon for breakfast. The next morning we got up very early and drove across to Burra because they had a farmer's market that morning. We also wanted to look in the antique shops in the town. The farmer's market wasn't very good, but we did buy a jar of very nice apricot jam. The antique shops were supposed to open at ten o'clock, but they were all late opening so we had to wait around for a while. There were lots of interesting knick-knacks in the shops but I fell in love with an old typewriter in good working order that is about a hundred years old and bought it. The next day we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast before going for a walk around the fifty two hectare property. It was pretty wet underfoot and our old shoes leaked a bit but it was refreshing to get out into nature. The birds were singing and the grass was green, and the Aussie scrub looked good. There were a lot of interesting toadstools to look at and a small creek that was flowing with fresh water. Later in the day we drove into Clare for dinner at the pub. We had only booked for three nights at the cabins so the next morning it was time to come home so we packed our belongings back into the car and left our holiday cabin. It was only a short holiday but I really enjoyed it, and have my beautiful antique typewriter adorning my study as a reminder of our holiday.

cold I cabins property bedroom old facilities bacon next because look apricot opening shops working leisurely hectare wet nature grass toadstools fresh drove morning holiday antique

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This is a close exercise utilizing a recount

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