Devil's Arithmetic 13-15

Cloze Test Worksheet

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1. The cheerleader's voice was hoarse from yelling. 2. The employee had to ask someone in authority to unlock the safe. 3. The criticism for the performance was unwarranted since it had very few mistakes. 4. Mother put some ointment on the skinned knee before she put on the bandaid. 5. A murmur went through the crowd when the singer took the stage. 6. The copper cooking pot was burnished from its daily use. 7. After a long time the frightened dog emerged from her hiding place. 8. The camp compound was located at the fork of the two rivers. 9. The campers learned to make a stew in the big cauldrons over the campfire. 10. The student was asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 11. As Hannah's hair began to grow back, the stubble felt scratchy and rough. 12. In the book, Susan organized medical supplies to share with the other prisoners. 13. The speech was so boring that I had to stifle a yawn. 14. The frightened kitten looked for sanctuary under the bed. 15. The students were not familiar with the words to the song so they had trouble joining in.

hoarse authority unwarranted ointment murmur burnished emerged compound cauldrons recite stubble organized stifle sanctuary familiar

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