Fiddler on the Roof Monologue 1

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Tevye's Monologues

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Dear God, why did you have to send me news like that, today of all days? It's true that we are the chosen people. But once in a while can't you choose someone else? Anyway, thank you for sending a husband for my Tzeitel ... L'Chaim. That was quite a dowry you gave my daughter Tzeitel at her wedding. Was that necessary? Anyway, Tzeitel and Motel have been married almost two months now. They work very hard, they are as poor as synagogue mice. But they are both so happy they don't know how miserable they are. Motel keeps talking about a sewing machine. I know you're very busy God, - wars and revolutions, floods, plagues - all those little things that bring people to You - couldn't You take a second away from your catastrophes and get it for him? How much trouble would it be? Oh, and while You're in the neighborhood, my horse's left leg ... Am I bothering You too much? I'm sorry. As the good book says ... Why should I tell you what the good book says? He loves her. Love. It's a new style. On the other hand, our old ways were once new, weren't they? On the other hand, they decided without parents, without a matchmaker. After all, did Adam and Eve have a matchmaker? ... Yes, they did.Then it seems these two have the same matchmaker. Who says that he isn't? It's just that he is a different kind of man. As the good book, says, "Each shall seek his own kind." Which, translated, means, a bird may love a fish, but where would they build a home together?

God news days chosen while choose Anyway husband L'Chaim dowry daughter wedding necessary Motel married two synagogue happy miserable talking sewing revolutions plagues things bring second catastrophes him trouble neighborhood horse's bothering book should good loves Love style old new decided matchmaker Adam matchmaker matchmaker different shall own translated build

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This worksheet was created by John Bower, HOD Social Sciences at McAuley High School. 2018

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