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Cloze Test Worksheet

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Space is an element used by artists to make a flat image look like it has form by overlapping, changing shape, or using perspective. Colors that are straight across from each other on the color wheel are complementary. Primary colors cannot be made by mixing other colors. Parallel lines run next to each other and never intersect. Each color of the color wheel is a hue. You create contrast when you use light colors next to dark. A three-dimensional form is created when a flat, two-dimensional shape is bent. A line is the path made by a moving point. The use of lights and darks in artwork is called value. An area created when a line touches at the beginning and end is called a shape.

Space perspective color complementary Primary colors Parallel intersect color hue contrast dark form bent line point lights value area shape

Explain vanishing point.

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27 July 2014

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