Gateway B2(2nd)(Unit 1-vocabulary)

Cloze Test Worksheet

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When you enter university, most of the students are undergraduates. They are studying to get a first degree or bachelor's. But there are others who've already graduated and are studying to get a second degree or master's. It's too expensive to study in London and university fees in the UK can cost up to 9000 pounds per year. On the course students attend lectures,seminars and tutorials. Throughout the term there is usually continuous assesment of the students' coursework and assignments. The tutor gives a grade or mark for each piece of work. Students usually have to take exams too. Surely, they need to keep their notes up-to-date and revise. If you fail an exam,you normally resit the exam another day. Of course,you usually fail automatically if you cheat. When you pass your final exam,you graduate.

enter undergraduates bachelor's graduated degree master's fees attend tutorials term assesment assignments tutor grade take notes revise resit cheat pass

Write sentences using words from above:

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