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Without looking at the story, try to fill in the gaps

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When the weather is nice during the holidays, I like to go out somewhere because it is better than sitting at home. One day I decided to go to Glenelg. I walked into Adelaide then caught the tram by the Railway Station. A lot of people got on the tram there so it was nearly full when it got to the next stop. I got off at Morphett Road and walked down Jetty Road and looked in the shops. I was surprised that there were no real bakeries in Jetty Road that make pies and pasties so I walked across to Anzac Highway where there is the Orange Spot Bakery. They have won the award for best pasty in Australia for the last five years so I really had to taste one. Finally I returned to Moseley Square and watched happy children playing in the fountain before I returned home. It was a nice day out.

because so and and so so and

Write about a time you went to the beach

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3 January 2015

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

A short recount about a trip to the beach as a cloze exercise with conjunctions needing to be filled in

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