Imperatives: How to make Chinese Dumplings

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We use imperatives (present simple verb) to give easy instructions, to tell people what to do. Write the missing words below from imperatives listed in box.

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Buy the ingredients Prepare the fillings Mix flour with water in a bowl Make a ball of dough Work dough for 15 minutes Rest dough for 30 minutes Divide dough into 4 pieces Make a hole so dough becomes a doughnut Cut the doughnut to make a noodle Cut 1 inch pieces from the noodle Roll pieces into 3 inch circles Place filling in centre Fold dumplings around filling Pinch dumplings to close Dip dumplings in flour Boil dumplings for 5 minutes Place dumplings in bowl to serve Dip dumplings in soy sauce, chilli oil or rice vinegar

Buy Prepare Mix Make Work Rest Divide Make Cut Cut Roll Place Fold Pinch Dip Boil Place Dip

How did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Did you eat special food like dumplings?

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23 February 2015

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Love the re-use feature of quickworksheets. Testing my students on ordering activity we did last week for Chinese New Year.

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