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Title: A Journey of Words and Pictures IN A BOOKSHOP The bookshop is filled with the comforting scent of books. JASON, a middle-aged blind man with a cane, walks in with a warm smile. EMMA, a friendly bookstore assistant, approaches him. JASON Good day. I'm looking for a special gift for my daughter. She loves pictures and stories. Can you help me find a nice picture book? EMMA Of course! I'd be happy to help. What age is your daughter? JASON She will be six next week. Something with colorful pictures and easy words would be perfect. EMMA Great! We have a wonderful children's section right over here. Is there a particular theme she enjoys? JASON Hmm, she's fascinated by animals and nature. Anything with that would be fantastic. EMMA Perfect! We have a delightful selection of nature-themed picture books. Let me guide you to that section. They walk together through the aisles, and Emma describes the colourful covers and illustrations to Jason. EMMA Here we are. These books are filled with beautiful pictures of animals, forests, and more. How about this one? It's about a little bear exploring the wonders of the forest. JASON (Feeling the book) That sounds wonderful. Are the words simple enough for a six-year-old? EMMA Absolutely. The sentences are short, and the vocabulary is perfect for her age. Plus, the pictures tell a story on their own. JASON (With a smile) That's exactly what I'm looking for. How much is it? EMMA It's $15. We also have a special offer today – buy two, and you get a third one for half the price. JASON That's great. I'll take this one and maybe one more. Please show me another nature-themed book. EMMA Excellent choice! Let me find another gem for you. Emma goes to get another book while Jason waits, curious about the second book. EMMA Here's another lovely choice. It's about a curious butterfly exploring different flowers in a garden. The illustrations are breathtaking. JASON (Feeling the book) Sounds enchanting. I'll take both of them. My daughter will be thrilled. EMMA Fantastic! That will be $22.50 for both books with the special offer. Cash or card? JASON Card, please. Thank you for your help. Jason pays, and Emma hands him the neatly wrapped books EMMA You're very welcome. I hope your daughter enjoys these books. If you ever need help again, please return. JASON Thank you so much for your assistance. Have a wonderful day! Jason leaves the bookstore, feeling satisfied with his thoughtful choices for his daughter. Emma watches him go, grateful for the opportunity to assist in creating a special moment through the magic of books.

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18 November 2023

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