Memrise: IELTS synonyms level 4 review

Cloze Test Worksheet

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She told him a figure (number) and he said 'how much?!' He has numerous (many) acquaintances throughout the country. Please dispose of (throw away) your chewing gum carefully. We object to (are against) this plan for a new hotel in our area. Do you know the layout (plan) of this place? We're lost! The plant generates (produces) electricity. The Titanic had many rusted (decayed underwater) objects. He dumps (puts down carelessly) his bag on the sofa every day. How many scientists work at the nuclear facility (venue)? In this projection (forecast), we see expected sales for next month. Don't make assumptions (unsupported beliefs) without reviewing the evidence. The necklace dates back to (past) Victorian times. 'Youth is wasted (used unwisely) on the young' is a famous saying. Can you speed up (accelerate) a bit? We'll be late. Let's round off (finish) today's lesson with a quiz. Noah saved the animals from the flood (water disaster). Spelling is difficult for him so he may have literacy (reading) problems. The bag was made of biodegradable (naturally decomposing) plastic. We will assess (judge) your English speaking in an interview. No rain for a month led to a water shortage (lack). The body will decay (decompose) if left in the soil.

figure numerous dispose object layout generates rusted dumps facility projection assumptions dates wasted speed round flood literacy biodegradable assess shortage decay

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