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Boron is used in consumer cookware as borosilicate glass, in laundry products as borax and sodium perborate, and in insecticide as boric acid. Silicon is used in computer parts and in alloyed with iron for electrical steel and aluminum for automotive parts. Germanium is used in optic fibers as its oxide, germania, is alloyed with silver for tarnish-resistant sterling silver and with silicon for high-speed integrated circuits. Arsenic is alloyed with lead in car batteries and with germanium for high-speed integrated circuits and LEDs. Antimony is used as its oxide as a flame retardant, is alloyed with lead in car batteries, and with silicon in circuits. Tellurium is used in some types of solar panels, and as both the suboxide and as a compound with germanium and antimony for rewritable optical disks (CD-RW, DVD-RW, Blu-Ray). It is also added to glass for use in glass fibers for telecommunications. Neither polonium nor astatine are used in everyday life due to high radioactivity.

used borax computer alloyed silver integrated car retardant circuits solar disks glass radioactivity

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19 June 2016

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