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Cloze Test Worksheet

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Use the words in the box to fill in the gaps.

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I enjoyed my summer holidays. First was the excitement of Christmas, shopping, putting toys together and planning food. Then I put up with the crowds at the Boxing day sales because I had a Myer gift card to spend. I bought a new speaker for my iPhone music and it sounds really good. The next exciting event was New Year's Eve. This year, we escaped the craziness of the city and headed off to the Barossa Valley and spent the evening at the local pub in Tanunda. We rented a small house in the town for five nights and spent the days relaxing, cycling, wine tasting and visiting friends. When we came home we spent the rest of the holidays doing things around the city such as going to Glenelg, eating fish and chips at Henley Beach and meeting up with friends for a picnic. It was a good holiday for me.

excitement crowds because bought sounds craziness evening nights cycling holidays eating picnic

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30 December 2013

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

A 150 word recount as a cloze exercise

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