No. 2 Fiddler on the Roof - Cloze for Act 2 Scene 1

Cloze Test Worksheet

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Complete the lines of dialogue for Tevye by using the words in the box below.

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Tevye: When? Perchik: Right away. Tevye: I'm sorry Perchik. We will all miss you. Perchik: But I also have some good news. You can congratulate me. Tevye: Congratulations. What for? Perchik: We're engaged? Tevye: Engaged? Hodel: Yes Papa, we're engaged. Tevye: No you're not. I know you like him, and he likes you, but you're going away and you're staying here, so have a nice trip Perchik, I hope you'll be very happy, and my answer is no. Hodel: Please papa you don't understand. Tevye: I understand, I gave my permission to Motel and Tzeitel, so you feel that you also have a right, I'm sorry Perchik. I like you, but you're going away, so go in good health and my answer is still no. Hodel: You don't understand, Papa. Tevye: You're not listening. I say no. I'm sorry, Hodel, but we'll find someone else for you, here in Anatevka Perhcik: Reb Tevye Tevye: What is it? Perchick: We are not asking for your permission, only for your blessing. We are going to get married. Tevye: You are not asking for my permission? Hodel: But we would like your blessing, Papa. Tevye: (Sung) I can't believe my own ears. My blessing? For what? For going over my head? Impossible! At least with Tzeitel and Motel, they asked me, they begged me! But now if I like it or not, you'll marry him. So what do you want from me? Go on! Be wed! And tear out my beard,and uncover my head. Tradition! They're not even asking permission, From the Papa! What's happening to the Tradition? One little time i pulled out a thread. And where has it lead? Where has it lead? (Spoken) Where has it lead? To this? The man tells me, he's getting married. Oh, he doesn't ask, he tells me? But first, he abandons her! Hodel: He's not abandoning me, Papa. Perchik: As soon as I can, I will send for her and marry her. I love her. Tevye: He loves her? Love, it's the new style. On the other hand, our old ways were new once new weren't they? On the other hand they decided without parents! Without a matchmaker! On the other hand, did Adam and Eve have a matchmaker? Yes they did. It seems these two have the same matchmaker. (Sung):Their going over my head.unheard of, absurd! For this they want to be blessed! Unthinkable! I'll lock her up in her room! I couldn't. I should! But look at my daughters eyes. She loves him. Spoken: Tradition? Very well children, you have my blessing and my permission. Hodel: Oh, thank you, Papa, You don't know how happy that makes me. Tevye: What else could I do? Perchik: Thank you Papa. Tevye: Thank you, Papa. What will I tell your mother? Another dream? Perchik: Perhaps if you tell her something ... that I am going to visit a rich uncle, something like that. Tevye: Please, Perchik, I can handle my own wife. Golde, Golde. Hello Golde. I've just been talking to Hodel and Perchik. Golde: Well. Tevye: They seem to be very fond of each other. Golde: Well. Tevye: I have decided to give them my permission to become engaged... I have to go inside and ... Golde: What just like this? Without even asking me? Tevye: Who asks you? I'm the father. Golde: Who is he? A pauper. He has nothing, absolutely nothing! Tevye: I wouldn't say that. I hear that he has a rich uncle, a very rich uncle. He's good man Golde. I like him. He's a little crazy. And what's more important, Hodel likes him. Hodel loves him. So what can we do? It's a new world, a new world. Love. Golde...

congratulate Congratulations Engaged him you're away staying nice Perchik happy papa understand understand permission Motel Tzeitel right health answer listening Hodel someone here Anatevka permission blessing married asking permission believe ears blessing Impossible asked begged marry wed beard,and head happening Tradition lead Where married ask abandons abandoning loves Love style old new weren't decided parents matchmaker Adam matchmaker matchmaker Unthinkable couldn't daughters loves happy Thank mother dream rich Perchik handle permission engaged. absolutely uncle uncle good Golde crazy Hodel Love

Write sentences using words from above:

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17 May 2018

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This worksheet was created by John Bower. HOD Social Sciences at McAuley High School, Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand, 2018.

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