Past Time Verbs - doubling the consonant

Cloze Test Worksheet

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1. Darth Vader kidnap Princess Leia to find the secret Rebel base. 2. She slip on the wet floor and fell down. 3. The tired boy rub his eyes to try and stay awake. 4. The car stop at the stop sign. 5. His parents plan the trip for Christmas. 6. The jack-o-latern rot after a week of sitting in the sun. 7. His grandma knit him a hat made of purple yarn. 8. The yeti drag Luke Skywalker through snow back to his cave. 9. Batman caught the bad guy after he rob the bank. 10. We shop at the Mall for new shoes for school. 11. Dad jog on the treadmill to exercise and stay healthy. 12. She hop over the big puddle to reach the sidewalk. 13. My dad hug me when he picked me up from school. 14. I step on the stool to reach the top shelf. 15. Water from the fountain drip onto the sidewalk.

kidnap slip rub stop plan rot knit drag rob shop jog hop hug step drip

Write a sentence using a past time verb.

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17 November 2014

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1st grade Past Time Verbs --double consonants. Cloze with Present Verb Word Bank.

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