Present Simple & Present Continuous

Cloze Test Worksheet

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These men are friends. The tall man is John. The short man is Peter. They are both about 35 years old. Peter is married with two children but John is still single. He wants to meet the right woman. They both have short brown hair but Peter always wears his hat. Peter also has a beard and moustache. Peter has sun tanned skin but John has fair skin. They like to wear blue clothes. In the picture they are standing on their farm. You can see cows in the background. They are dairy farmers. They are both hard working. They always get up early in the morning to start work on the farm. When the sun sets, they milk the cows then go home for dinner. John is learning to fly a plane. One day he will use a small plane on the farm. Peter has two children so he likes to visit places like the museum with them.

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18 August 2016

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Reading to fill in the present simple and present continuous

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