Properties of Matter; Grade 3 Quarter 1, Topic 3

Cloze Test Worksheet

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Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Everything that you can see, smell or touch is matter. For example, when you blow air in a balloon, the air takes up space. The air is matter. All of the matter around you occurs in one of three states: solid, liquid or gas. All of the solid forms of matter have the following physical properties in common: its own definite shape, its own definite volume, and keeps its shape even when it moves. An example of a solid is a thing. In liquid forms of matter, the particles are not as close together as the particles in solids and move more freely that the particles of solids It is because of their ability to move freely that all liquids forms of matter have the following physical properties in common: a definite volume, take the shape of their container and can be poured from one container to another. An example of a liquid inside a container is water in a glass or bathtub. In gas forms of matter, the gases move freely in all directions. For this reason, all gas forms of matter have the following physical properties in common: no definite shape, no definite size, takes the shape of its container, and will fill all the space inside a container. An example of a gas inside its container is air in a tire or balloon. What is a property? A property is a characteristic of matter that you can observe and/or measure. All matter has the following five characteristics: shape, mass, size, hardness, texture. Properties of matter fall into two categories -- qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative properties are those that can be observed using our five senses. Things that you can observe with your senses (qualitative observations) are size, shape, color, odor, texture, hardness, luster. The five senses are see, hear, taste, smell and touch.Quantitative properties are those that tell how much or how many -- you know, the quantity of something. Tools such as rulers, meter sticks, balances, graduated cylinders are used to obtain specific and precise measurements. Things that are quantitative are length, width, height, volume, mass and temperature.

mass space matter matter solid liquid gas solid shape thing liquid liquids container poured liquid water gas gases all gas no no fill gas air property observe measure shape mass size hardness texture qualitative quantitative Qualitative qualitative size shape color odor texture hardness luster see hear taste smell much many Tools measurements length width height volume mass temperature

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Building on the Scientific Method --- Properties of Matter Cloze Test

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