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The information below is an extract taken from the video you have just watched. Fill in the blanks with the words given to you. The dashes tell you how many letters. 

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Public health is about the promotion and protection of health and wellness and the prevention of illnesses in the population that can be reduced with effective public health interventions. Our population is amongst the most unhealthiest people in the Netherlands so we have a huge job to encourage better health for people in general and youngsters in particular. We have several campaigns running obviously, we are responsible for the public health service together with other cities surrounding us and we do have some campaigns to help youngsters to live a healthy life. For example, we have a program for youngsters who are obese to encourage them to be active in sports and to reduce their weight. There are various ways in which public health professionals work to do this for example, there's infrastructure in place to promote healthy cities including: cycling lanes to promote physical activity access to clean drinking water public transportation to reduce pollution Could you please tell us what does public health mean to you? Public health in times of the pandemic are three things; 1. We have to act like Sherlock Holmes, we have to identify the index case and we have to see where it all comes from and how it develops through monitoring. 2. We have to develop policy options for policymakers so we advise on best practices. 3. We have to act like The Avengers, we have to break the chain of infection Public health is important because it is everybody’s health and the government should make sure that they promote and protect the health of the people and their own health not only in normal times but also in times of disruption to public health. Initiatives to promote mental well-being, reduce stress, and ensure people have access to support services also involves efforts to help people incorporate healthy habits into their life.

promotion protection illnesses reduced unhealthiest encourage campaigns youngsters obese active reduce infrastructure cycling water pollution identify monitoring policy chain of infection everybody's protect disruption stress support services habits

If you were asked to make suggestions for your town/area what would you suggest and why? Give at least 3 detailed examples.

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21 November 2023

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Public Health - Campaigns

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