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The new church in England was called the Anglican Church, also known as the Church of England. The Roman Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation with the Counter Reformation. People who follow Calvinism believe in predestination, or that God has already chosen who will be allowed to enter heaven. People bought indulgences to receive forgiveness for sin. Protestants like Calvin and Luther protested certain practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther believed you could only reach salvation by having faith in God. Many Church officials were corrupt because they used the money people gave to the Church to live luxurious lifestyles. Luther's Ninety Five Theses were a list of his complaints against the Church. Early reformers didn't want to leave the Church or get rid of the Church, they simply wanted to reform it, or make it better. HenryVIII created a new Church because he wanted a divorce.

Anglican Counter predestination indulgences Protestants Martin Luther corrupt Ninety Five Theses reformers HenryVIII

Choose either Luther or Calvin. Write a short, organized paragraph about what you know about that person. Be sure to include their beliefs.

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Reformation Vocab Test

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