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Retrieval The ability to retrieve information when you want to (e.g., on an exam) is a product of many factors. How you pay attention and how you encode and store the information play a big role in whether or not you’ll remember the information later. Research on the science of forgetting suggests that regular review of information is important in order to store that information in your long-term memory for later retrieval. Spitzer (1939) examined rates of forgetting textbook material and found that from the time of first learning information from a textbook, we forget almost 50% of information within one day, and up to 80% of the information within 2 weeks. Since you are likely to forget information unless you use or revisit the information regularly, you'll need top plan each week for time practicing retrieval of previously stored information. You can do this by focusing not just on new information you're learning each week (in lectures, reading, etc.) but by focusing time on reviewing material from previous weeks. By using repetition/practice and elaboration, you can make connections between the previous information and the new information you're learning. Monitoring learning and taking time to test your knowledge and recall are important ways that you can assess if you are well-prepared for an exam or need to spend additional time studying.

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What do we need to do to successfully retrieve information?

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29 October 2017

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