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The most noticeable shift in the Slate survey happens between cohorts born in the 1980s and the 1990s, which is consistent with other national surveys. This is because, during the Reagan era, a panic about the dangers of childhood began to take hold. Citizen advocates lamented the perils of playgrounds, and lawsuits forced cities to get rid of what was deemed dangerous equipment. As Paula Fass chronicles in Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America, a few high-profile abduction cases set off a fear of child snatchers lurking on every corner. Ronald Reagan declared National Missing Children's Day, and milk cartons began featuring missing children's faces, making every breakfast an opportunity to fear the worst for your children.

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Identify the Claim, Data, and Warrant (Because) in this reading? Why does the speaker call it the Reagan era? What can you infer from this detail?

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16 August 2014

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