That little voice in your head

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Complete the article with the correct form of the adjectives in the box

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Laser-like audio technology is currently being developed to provide marketers with one of the newest and most innovative marketing techniques they've seen for years. Hypersonic sound speakers on supermarket shelves and vending machines send messages to customers as they walk past. The sound is clearer than normal, which allows it to reach directly into the listeners' ears. They will think the message is coming from inside their heads. Marketers believe that it will have a far greater effect on sales than other forms of point of sales promotion. "It will also make people laugh" one consultant said "It is the funniest and the most amusing way to sell that I've ever heard of". But some people are more sceptical about consumer reaction. People may not like the fact that this method is more intrusive than others. But marketers remain optimistic as one consultant said, "This is the best chance we'v got of ever actually getting inside our costumers' heads.

newest most innovative clearer greater the funniest the most more intrusive the best

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12 June 2016

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