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INSTRUCTIONS: Match missing words from box to gaps in text below, adapted from Eslvideo.com. Then watch the video (4.46) to check your answers at http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_low_intermediate.php?id=17283.

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This is how we celebrate Halloween at my house. I'm making a pumpkin lantern. Take out a candle and some matches. We wear fancy dress costumes for our Halloween party. Oh look! A black cloak! Great! A wizard's hat! I'm wearing a sheet! I'm a ghost. What are you making for the party, Sally? Our friends come to the party. Everyone looks scary! Mmm, I like the pizza, it's yummy! Apple bobbing is a fun Halloween game. Now let's play apples on strings! Ready, steady, go! Trick or treaters come to our house on Halloween. Halloween is scary and fun at our house.

celebrate lantern candle fancy cloak wizard's sheet making scary yummy bobbing strings steady treaters scary

Write new sentences using words from box above:

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30 October 2014

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Elementary level worksheet on Hallowee'n to accompany short video (5 mins)

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